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Client onboarding

In today’s competitive market, effective client onboarding continues to be a challenge for insurers. According to Forrester, 49% of insurers said, “Enhancing the experience for policy holders was a top 3 insurance priority.” 

To meet this need and the many ways customers’ preferences of engagement and interaction, documentation needs to be ready for underwriting, faster than your competitors.

With GMC Inspire Client Onboarding for Insurance, connect your teams and frontline staff to customers by using state-of-the-art communication application. Bringing new clients onboard quicker and with policy documents that are consistently branded, accurate, compliant, approved, traceable and highly personalized. 

You can now support a strong sales process with a quick, collaborative, consistent and effective execution of the onboarding process. This will improve the overall customer experience and reduce operational costs.

Streamlined workflow


Different departments and roles work with different formats and systems. Homegrown solutions could prevent efficiency and fast workflows.


With GMC Inspire all workflows are within one CCM systems that leads to a faster, error-free single voice plus are interactive with real-time outputs.

A lasting customer relationship starts with a great customer experience

Clients who have a positive experience are less likely to abandon a sale during the onboarding process. Quick access to clear communications across a variety of channels shows knowledge and understanding of customer needs.

The benefits of GMC Inspire Client Onboarding

  • Reduced editing time
  • Complete single platform, replacing multiple solutions
  • Cost savings on application maintenance
  • Improved efficiency by 50%
  • Reductions in time to market