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300 Days to Full-Service

Posted by Kim Mauch on Monday, April 1, 2013 - 16:29

It may be April Fool’s, but this is no joke. USPS plans to require Full-Service mailing preparation for automation rates in only 300 days. It seems like a long way away, but with the fall mailing season between now and then, mailers need to get started now. Moving to Full-Service is more involved than the (relatively easy) switch to the basic IMb, so getting informed is key! We’ve recorded quite a few webinars on this topic, and of course let us know how we can help.

Breaking News – No More IDEAlliance Fees*

Posted by Kim Mauch on Thursday, January 17, 2013 - 17:57

One of the costs for moving to Full-Service was the fee for Mail.dat users. A User License Code (ULC), usually provided by IDEAlliance, is required to use Mail.dat. Last year, these codes were priced at $195.

Only 30 days!

Posted by Kim Mauch on Friday, December 28, 2012 - 16:36

Are you still printing the POSTNET barcode on your automation mailings? If so, you only have 30 days to make the switch to the Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb) or you’ll lose your automation discounts. Making the switch is pretty easy, especially if you work with a vendor that has supported Intelligent Mail for years. In most cases, all you need to do is sign up for a Mailer ID, enter it in your software and print.

Mail Piece Design Reminder: New Rules for Folded Self-Mailers Effective Soon

Posted by Kim Mauch on Friday, November 30, 2012 - 17:59

Starting January 6, 2013, mailers of Folded Self-Mailers (FSMs) will be required to meet new design requirements. These updated specifications were designed to ensure FSMs are processed cleanly through automation equipment at USPS. Pieces that don’t use these new specifications will not be eligible for automation discounts starting January 6.

Full-Service Goes Full Speed Ahead

Posted by Kim Mauch on Wednesday, October 24, 2012 - 16:38

Right after USPS announced its proposed prices for 2013, they posted a Federal Register notice about Full-Service Intelligent Mail. If you’re currently mailing at automation rates and would like to continue, the time to think about Full-Service is now.

Full-Service will be required for automation prices in 2014.

96 Days Left – Have You Moved to IMb?

Posted by Kim Mauch on Tuesday, October 23, 2012 - 16:41

USPS sent letters to all mailing permit owners this week encouraging them to move to Intelligent Mail barcodes. The POSTNET barcode will be officially retired on January 27, 2013. If you still haven’t migrated to the Intelligent Mail barcode, we can help!


USPS® Announces Six Promotions for 2013

Posted by Kim Mauch on Friday, October 19, 2012 - 11:00

Next year, you’ll have six opportunities to save money on postage by using the USPS incentive programs. For each one, you’ll need to sign up in advance on the USPS Gateway site, and you’ll need to use both the Intelligent Mail barcode and electronic documentation. Here’s a quick look at the incentives you could try out next year:

Guide to Move Update – Revised and Improved

Posted by Kim Mauch on Wednesday, October 10, 2012 - 12:47

As you know, USPS requires all First-Class and Standard mail to be processed using an approved Move Update method every 95 days. Choosing the right process for your company can be intimidating. The best USPS resource for this is the Guide to Move Update, which has recently been revised.

Have You Updated Your Folded Self-Mailer Design?

Posted by Kim Mauch on Wednesday, September 19, 2012 - 18:01

After an exhaustive testing cycle with mailers, USPS has updated their design requirements for Folded Self-Mailers (FSM). The new design requirements are complicated, but that’s actually a good thing for mailers. By offering many design choices, USPS encourages mailers to be creative with their mail piece design while keeping the designs compatible with mail processing equipment.

The Tried and True of Mail in a Digital Age

Posted by Bob Schimek on Friday, August 31, 2012 - 11:11

Constantly checking Twitter, Facebook updates or your inbox? Making connections through LinkedIn? Me too. And savvy marketers have jumped on the bandwagon to spread their messages. Reaching a huge range of potential customers costs very little in terms of time and money. So why would marketers choose direct mail, you ask?

Attract Customers Using QR Codes in Direct Marketing

Posted by Anita Wood on Friday, July 13, 2012 - 11:52

For those of you who don’t remember (or never knew) the definition of a QR code: it’s a two-dimensional (2D) image that can be read by smartphones with the appropriate app. When scanned, those pixilated little squares can be used to display text, link to a Facebook page or browse to a company website. QR codes can do nearly anything digital, including trigger a phone call. I like to think of a QR code as a right-click on anything physical.

Mobile Barcode Redux

Posted by Kim Mauch on Friday, June 1, 2012 - 11:50

If you’re looking for new ways to promote your business and gain postal discounts, USPS is offering a small window of opportunity this summer. You can gain a small discount for your mailings that contain a mobile barcode, which can help market your products on the wide array of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices that are becoming more popular each day. While this promotion has a lot in common with the 2011 summer QR barcode sale, there are a few important differences. Here’s a quick summary:

Do You NPF?

Posted by Kim Mauch on Thursday, March 22, 2012 - 18:06

Spring brings songbirds, rain, and the biggest postal conference of the year. The National Postal Forum is in Orlando this year, and it promises to be one of the most interesting years yet. With the threat of insolvency, USPS is making lots of changes, and NPF is the best place to learn all about it. In addition to the Postmaster General’s opening session, there are dozens of informational workshops on a wide range of topics. Vendors and service providers will be on the Expo floor to showcase their new products. Satori Software will be in booth 611, so stop by to say “hi”!

POSTNET Discontinuation – More Details

Posted by Kim Mauch on Friday, March 2, 2012 - 16:49

USPS posted its proposed rule for ending the POSTNET barcode today. Note this won’t be set in stone until after the comment period, so there’s time to have your voice heard if you’d like to continue using POSTNET. The details are listed on the main Federal Register web site and will be posted to the USPS site soon.

Happy Retirement POSTNET

Posted by Kim Mauch on Friday, February 24, 2012 - 16:51

Last week at MTAC, USPS announced the official “retirement” date for the POSTNET barcode. Starting January 2013, POSTNET will no longer qualify mailers for automation discounts. If you haven’t made the transition to IMb yet, check out the Intelligent Mail resources on our website to learn more.

Stay tuned for a recap of MTAC coming soon.

The End of Postage Prepayment?

Posted by Kim Mauch on Thursday, January 12, 2012 - 18:08

This week the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) approved a USPS request to allow mailers to use credit to pay for their mailings. However, this won’t affect most mailers for awhile.

Good News from USPS® – Facility Closures Delayed

Posted by Kim Mauch on Wednesday, December 14, 2011 - 18:17

Mailers can breathe a bit easier for the first half of 2012 – USPS announced yesterday that they will not be closing any facilities or post offices until May 15. Over 200 sorting facilities and 3,000 post offices were on the chopping block. Now USPS has the time to fully investigate and plan for these closures. The information about sorting facility consolidation was especially lacking, and didn’t include information for mailers who deposit mail and receive discounts at those locations.

Mail.dat vs. Mail.XML

Posted by Kim Mauch on Tuesday, October 4, 2011 - 16:53

Mail.dat® and Mail.XML are similar services for sending your mailing information electronically. But because these options are nearly identical, it can be difficult selecting the right service for your business needs. Here’s a guide to each service to help you decide which one will most benefit you.

Which Electronic Documentation Method is Right for You?

Posted by Kim Mauch on Tuesday, August 2, 2011 - 18:19

You’ve weighed the options, and decided that you’d like to start using electronic documentation (eDocs) in place of your current postal paperwork. There are three ways to submit your mailing electronically — how do you know which one is best for your workflow? The answer depends on your mail volume, number of mailings and more. Let’s look at the different types of eDocs and how they work.

Should You Use Electronic Documentation?

Posted by Kim Mauch on Tuesday, July 26, 2011 - 18:21

Your mail entry clerk may be urging you, but are you are really ready to move from paper to electronic? Submitting postal paperwork electronically can speed up mail entry and save time, but requires a little knowledge and some patience.