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Retail Bank Onboarding

Streamline and Modernize Your Customer Communications Management

Differentiating Your Bank with Exceptional Onboarding

All too often in retail banking, paper-based and digital customer communications operate in parallel universes. These siloed systems create fragmented messaging, operational inefficiencies and compliance risk.

Quadient’s customer communications management (CCM) platform helps banks unify digital and paper communications for more efficient back-office systems and more personalized customer experiences. CCM platforms assist banks in designing, managing and delivering omnichannel communications —  including statements, alerts, notifications, contracts and offers — via a single platform

Onboarding: Digital First or Multichannel

Digital First or Multichannel: Which Transformation Strategy Is Right for Your Retail Bank?

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The result?

Customers receive the right messages at the right time in the right channels.

Increasingly, mobile devices rule, as customers spend more time on their smartphones and tablets reading communications, initiating transactions and opening new accounts.

In the absence of an enabling technology such as CCM, banks expose themselves to multiple risks, including:

Erosion of customer loyalty

Cannibalization of customer base

Lost market to fintech startups

Ongoing operational overload

With Quadient’s robust CCM platform, retail banks protect against these risks.

Specifically, banks better manage communications throughout the customer experience, from onboarding through cross-selling and beyond.

Paper statement


Cell phone


Smart watch

Phone conversation


Quadient helps streamline bank operations by transforming customer communications processes into completely automated functions.



With Quadient Inspire, BMO customers can now open
an account on their smartphones in under 8 minutes

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Personalize omnichannel communications

Personalize omnichannel communications

Quadient Inspire helps banks design, manage and deliver personalized, accurate and compliant communications

Deliver the right messages to the right customers

Deliver the right messages to the right customers

Disruptors from within and outside the banking world are targeting your customers. In such an environment, banks need to streamline communications creation and delivery to better serve their customers and get offers to market faster than competitors.  

Quadient transforms and unifies customer communications management, ensuring that your prospects and customers receive the format of communications they want, through their preferred channels. Regardless of where you are in the omnichannel journey, Quadient is the partner that helps you get where you need to go.

Optimize online account opening

  • Fragmented communications
  • Inefficient back-office systems 
  • Disconnected paper and digital communications 
The problem
  • Changing customer expectations
  • Lack of IT time and resources
  • Inefficient back-office procedures that haven’t kept up with customer-facing needs
The challenge
  • Enhance the customer experience
  • Deliver a seamless front- through back-office account-opening experience
  • Automatically store sensitive personal information for use in digital and paper channels
  • Unify paper and digital communications 
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Minimize customer churn
  • Personalize data for customer onboarding, cross-selling and up-selling
The solution
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Removes asynchronous processes and paper
  • Shrinks customer and account onboarding timelines
  • Reduces costs through digital communications delivery
  • Creates a positive customer experience
Why Quadient

Leverage available resources for operational effectiveness

Leverage available resources for operational effectiveness

Employing an effective CCM system allows your bank to increase growth while decreasing costs. At many banks, highly trained experts are stuck performing administrative and non-value-adding tasks rather than focusing on revenue-generating activities. 

When implemented properly, CCM systems not only speed up back-office customer communications and online account-opening tasks, but they also free up bank staff to spend time on more value-added work that aids growth.

Quadient facilitates straight-through processes and streamlining across customer-facing, front- and back-office systems. Quadient’s suite of products translates into reduced costs across retail and digital banking and operations departments, while increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

Target customers with personalized results

Target customers with personalized results

Banks are awash in data about their prospects and customers but lack the ability to leverage it for fully personalized communications. Data isn’t the problem. Accurate, trustworthy, available data is.

Quadient’s solution manages and unifies existing data for use during the account-opening process and throughout the entire banking relationship. Pre-populate forms with high-quality personalized data, gain a full understanding of your customer, and create different terms and conditions based on qualifications.

Offer customers the simple, seamless account-opening experience they desire. Your customers will open accounts and transact business with your bank through their channel of choice, including mobile, desktop, laptop or tablet.

Ally with Quadient

Streamline the customer experience

Streamline the customer experience

Leave customers feeling positive about the new banking relationship
Create future opportunities for cross-selling

Optimize the front- and back-office

Optimize the front- and back-office

Automate processes to reduce staff involvement
Reduce logistics, document storage and outbound communications costs

Integrate data for deep insights

Integrate data for deep insights

Personalize data for onboarding and cross-selling
Optimize pricing and offers

Responsive design for simplified support

Responsive design for simplified support

Build complex content on a single technology platform
Display content across multiple channels
Facilitate internet/mobile banking onboarding


Quadient Named Overall Leader in the 2019 Aspire Leaderboard

Quadient is proud to have been named an Overall Leader for the second consecutive year in the 2019 Aspire Leaderboard.

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