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Human Inference and ABZ celebrate 30th anniversary of partnership on Human Inference Customer Day 2016

Arnhem, the Netherlands, Friday, 22 January 2016 – Human Inference, the European market leader in data management and data quality, kicked off its 30th anniversary celebrations last week at its annual Customer Day, attended by customers and partners. They were joined by long-time Human Inference customer ABZ, a service provider specialising in claim settlement, information, and communications in the automotive and insurance industries. 

ABZ and Human Inference have been partners since 1986, when the Fraud and Information System Holland (FISH) was launched, for which the first matching engine created by Human Inference was implemented.

ABZ and data quality

ABZ is an independent international partner operating in the automotive and insurance industries. As a Trusted Third Party, ABZ plays a central role in the market, working closely with all stakeholders and having an in-depth understanding of both its industries. ABZ can make strategic connections from this vantage point and provide the type of information services that make the difference and improve customer satisfaction. Data quality is a key requirement for all its operations.

Human Inference

Feiko Kloosterman, Product Manager at ABZ Nederland: ‘I feel honoured to have the opportunity to join Human Inference in its anniversary celebrations, not just because I’m reminded every day just how essential their software applications are to our business operations, but also because I know the people behind the company and its history so well. It’s inspiring to see how a business, over the span of three decades, can start out as a strong idea by its two founders and grow to become one of Europe’s leading and most authoritative data quality experts.’

Data revolution

The world of data has undergone a revolution over the past 30 years that continues to this day. The massive amount of data involved inevitably affects the way organisations run their data management systems. ABZ continues to use Human Inference’s sophisticated search software to provide solutions for the insurance industry. Ron Mulderij, Customer Manager at Human Inference: ‘Over the past 30 years we have acquired the knowledge and experience needed to continue supporting our customers in using customer data, so they can achieve their goals. I feel very privileged that some of our loyal customers have been with us from day one, and I’m proud of the inspiring story Feiko Kloosterman told on our Customer Day on behalf of ABZ.’

Fault-tolerant search

One of the strengths of Human Inference is that it facilitates fault-tolerant search. This not only helps organisations to save a considerable amount of time, but also enables them to check customer data as it is entered, thereby preventing ‘dirty data’ (bad data) created by customer service centres and other service providers or by users of self-service portals. ABZ has been using Human Inference’s advanced search software for a number of key services used in acceptance and claims settlement processes in the insurance industry for thirty years.

Human Inference and ABZ: ready for the next 30 years

The customers of Human Inference and ABZ are faced with a number of significant challenges as a result of the proliferation of laws and regulations, as well as emerging trends such as Big Data and the Internet of Things. Human Inference and ABZ will be developing a number of services over the next several years that will enable them to address these challenges. A Single Customer View will be essential to their success.