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Mailing List Hygiene Improves Marketing Efforts

Marketing and advertising is not easy, but when businesses need to attract customers direct mail is the most effective channel.

The best mailers will not attract many customers unless they reach the correct recipients.

A mailing campaign has plenty of advantages. These include the promotional material’s tangible nature, the ability to present a wide variety of targeted offers, discounts, coupons, and other calls-to-action, and the relative lack of congestion in many recipients’ mailboxes. The USPS revealed via a survey of postal customers that approximately 35 percent of recipients may act on a direct mail solicitation.

When organizations are deciding which marketing avenue to take, positive response rates must be a major consideration. After all, the more people who look at and respond to advertising, the more opportunities for sales a company will have. Research from the Direct Marketing Association shows that all kind of mailers—from regular letters in envelopes to postcards and other unique items—are far more successful in terms of attracting customers than digital marketing. When businesses are trying to target a specific market—like people living near a new location that is about to open up or customers who previously bought a specific item—this increased effectiveness can make a big difference.

The best mailers will not attract many customers unless they reach the correct recipients. This is especially crucial for the targeted campaigns mentioned above. Businesses not only need an effective design and presentation for their materials, but they require a mail list management plan. By keeping contact information up-to-date and free of errors, it is far easier to reach out to correct recipients and make sure that direct mail advertising is given the best possible chance to be acted upon.