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Digital First or Omnichannel. Which transformation strategy is right for your bank?

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Retail banks must consistently deliver an exceptional customer experience (CX) to acquire and retain customers. However, many banks fall short. Why? Because traditional banking experiences are too transactional and lack a personalized touch, and with more options than ever to choose from, today’s customers don’t award their loyalty quickly or easily.

Simply put, banking customers have changed, but many retail banks haven’t. Clunky onboarding experiences, poor follow-up and inconsistent messaging frustrate modern banking customers, who then become easy prey for competing banks and fintechs.

Banks need to provide seamless onboarding and targeted services, which require integrated systems that maintain a single, unified and shared view of the customer. Unfortunately, ongoing operational inefficiencies, legacy technologies and competition for scarce IT budgets can undermine efforts to deliver a delightful customer experience.

Discover insights and best practices on how your organization might best tackle the question of Digital First of Omni-Channel to deliver an exceptional end-to-end customer journey.

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