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Ovum Report: Customer Journey Management's Path to Optimization

The role of artificial intelligence in shaping CJM's path from static mapping to dynamic workflow

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Ovum CJM Report

While journey maps identify problems or areas for content and service improvement, they do not facilitate interactions, provide next best action, or enable content orchestration. It is akin to building a road and handing someone a map without a vehicle to drive. Today, the customer journey is a matrix of multichannel interactions, so the mapping and analysis have become complex and provide a deeper understanding of the customer's needs and behaviors to enable meaningful interactions. 

It is no longer enough to visualize the journeys; enterprises must respond to key moments in real-time and proactively anticipate customers' next moves; understand which channels they intend to use; and be ready with relevant content, offers, or remedies. This level of intelligent orchestration requires customer journey maps to be embedded with machine learning algorithms. 

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