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Webinar: Move from Delivering a Message to Building Interactions

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Move from Delivering a Message to Building Interactions

Today, customers want a personalized communication with a seamless end-to-end experience, rather than having a fragmented and unfulfilled communication journey. With Customer Experience (CX) on the rise, it is imperative to gain a clear understanding of where your communications lie, and which communications need improvement.

Watch this webinar recording where Quadient discusses how to “Move from delivering a message to building interactions”. During this session, we:

  • Identified pain points a customer experiences with interactions made through aggregated data (both physical and digital touchpoints)
  • Explained the methodology of a customer journey map and where organizations should fix these interactions along the way
  • Provided an example of an ideal interaction across the journey showcasing a seamless customer interaction

We hope you enjoy this webinar recording!


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